Unilever Makes Moves to Improve On-Shelf Availability


Unilever is tapping into a new tech partnership to improve its on-shelf availability in hundreds of stores in Belgium and Italy.

The No. 6 consumer goods company has enlisted retail tech and analytics provider Trax and Roamler, a European tech company specializing in crowd-supported solutions for field marketing.  The two providers have partnered to provide consumer goods companies in Europe with a store auditing service that combines computer vision and the gig economy.

Roamler leverages a crowd-based workforce to capture images of retail shelves, which are in turn processed by Trax’s computer vision platform to provide manufacturers with an accurate snapshot of in store shelf conditions. Roamler pairs experienced retail workers with CPG customers based on location, skill and experience level.

Trax analytics and insights derived from shelf images captured by Roamler’s workforce allow Unilever to detect anomalies in store, take action, and measure results. Unilever can then dedicate its own sales reps and merchandisers to focus on higher value tasks, expand store coverage, and prioritize stores with maximum sales opportunity.

The integrated store auditing service is currently available to consumer goods companies in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the U.K.

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