3 Retail Execution Rules for the Next Normal

If 2020 was a Dickens novel about consumer goods, it might be called a tale of two categories: essential and non-essential. The former saw the better of times in which the belief in their products gave consumers hope. For the latter, it was, indeed, an “epoch of incredulity” with what seemed like no end.

Field sales reps for all types of goods found themselves either locked out of stores all together or with limited retail interactions. Those who remained in the middle of disruption were dealing with supply chain issues, unpredictable consumer behavior and increased pressure from competition. Now, amid what’s commonly becoming known as the “next normal,” retail execution (REX) is still in flux.

Steve Sigrist, VP of customer service at Newell Brands, says, “I continue to see developing gains in the collaborative planning space, and the pandemic impact often made the dialog absolutely necessary.”

Even with these challenges and likely some more bumps in the road ahead, CGs can still find sustained success. Read on to find out how, and the steps it’ll take to get there.