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The Simple Art of Leveraging Data to Target High-Value Consumers

Steve Jobs posing for the camera

From the earliest philosophers to today’s organizing guru Marie Kondo, simplicity has been touted as the secret to success in life and business. Steve Jobs claimed “focus and simplicity” as one of his mantras. This doesn’t mean simple is basic nor easy. In fact, Jobs believed it was harder.

Simple is an art. And when it comes to the art of leveraging complex consumer data, one simple answer is to target high-value e-commerce consumers. Data shows they account for more than 60% of total website purchases.

Author and Wharton professor Peter Fader even defines consumer centricity in these terms. He says you should understand which consumers are more valuable and build a strategy around them. Doing so requires making sure they can find the right products and are able to buy them over and over again.

This idea was organic to apparel manufacturer and retailer Ashley Stewart. For 22 years, the company was able to operate with no WiFi or computers and still managed to exist for so long. How was this possible? Read on to find out and discover the three steps needed for CG companies, like Ashley Stewart, to target high-value consumers.