Salsify and Snap36 Support 360-degree Images on

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Salsify and Snap36 entered into a partnership that delivers a unique imaging experience enabling brands to manage, capture and distribute 360-degree images with efficient affordable scale.

Through its integration with Snap36 and leveraging the company’s proprietary image capture technology, Salsify now supports direct 360-degree image integration to

Snap36 began working with Walmart in 2018 on implementing a proprietary 360-degree viewer above the fold for both its desktop and mobile sites. Walmart is one of the first retailers to offer 360-degree – or spin – photography on 100 percent of products offered on the site, regardless of category.


In its 2019 consumer research report, Salsify found that consumers want an average of six images per product and a minimum of two videos. 

Through this partnership, brands can use 360-degree images, which can improve consumer engagement and increase conversions by nearly 50 percent.

“Image-rich product pages are not optional for brands that want to win on the digital shelf - they are mandatory,” Salsify co-founder and CMO Rob Gonzalez said. “Shoppers, particularly on digital channels, want as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision. Walmart’s emphasis on 360-degree imagery has given every brand manufacturer a unique opportunity to better inform shoppers on We are excited to be partnering with Snap36 to provide this capability to our customers.”


With customers such as The Home Depot, Macy’s, and Lowe’s, Snap36 creates the images and 360-degree content, providing a more comprehensive and competitive offering that is operationally seamless from a customer perspective. The Salsify PXM platform will deliver the data to and future-proof images for brands by maintaining file naming consistency.

“Our customers have seen 360 degree content improve online conversions by nearly 50 percent so it’s no wonder Walmart is leading retailers in advocating for more spin images on its website,” Snap36 CEO Jeff Hunt said. “In joining forces with Salsify, we are able to bring high quality, affordable 3D product images to a platform that so many brands use to win on the digital shelf, and we’re excited to add this experience for customers using”

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