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Actionable information that can help consumer goods companies build a better, more efficient end-to-end organization. Topics include supply chain, new product development, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and vendor partnerships.

Rise magazine unveiling

Rise Magazine Unveiling at 2019 Path to Purchase Summit

The debut issue of Rise magazine is unveiled at the 2019 Path to Purchase Summit.

Tip of the Spear Technology: Changecology

Rise looks at emerging technologies that offer unique solutions to consumer goods companies seeking to transform their organizations. This week: VR/AR tools from Changecology.

To unlock the secrets behind successful small brands, big players should leverage machine learning and data science.

A pat on the back to 24 upstarts making unique marks on the evolving retail marketplace.

The world's largest consumer goods manufacturer has embedded SAS Analytics into key business processes to sense demand for its products more accurately and reliably on a global basis.

Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer at Chobani, is being inducted into the Path to Purchase Institute Hall of Fame. Here's why.

Despite the transformative change sweeping the consumer goods industry, success in the analytics practice still relies on its oldest asset: people.

CPG companies are turning away from the old silo mentality – perhaps just in time.

In today’s marketplace, consumer brands must strategically shift from being product-centric to consumer-centric. We're here to help.

It seemed only logical to bring "Shopper Marketing" and "CGT" together to undertake their own transformation and align themselves to better address the needs of this industry. So we did. Welcome to "Rise: Retail Intelligence for the Strategic Enterprise."

RISE presents a comparison chart of 24 companies providing solutions for various needs within the consumer goods supply chain, including activities related to planning and execution.

We offer perspective on the path to purchase from around the world – from five consumer goods professionals.

In an omnichannel marketplace, you can't own consumers if you’re not operating where they are buying.

Tillamook receives 2019 Velocity Award

The Tillamook County Creamery Association received the 2019 Velocity Award for its supply chain transformation work.

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