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Research: The State of Collaboration Technologies in Consumer Goods

Lisa Johnston
a person smiling for the camera

Collaboration depends on communication. When the consumer goods industry was flipped on its head during the pandemic, one of the biggest business impacts may have been the abrupt shift in how we interact with our employees, colleagues, and partners. 

From ideation to execution, we were forced to rethink how we share information — often on the fly — and, much like today’s new consumer behaviors, many of these new ways of working have stuck and solidified into new habits.

But with these new ways of working come fresh challenges. Faced with overly complex tech stacks, less than enthusiastic uptake, and even security concerns, consumer goods companies must act strategically to ensure these technologies enable rather than hinder a culture of collaboration. 

We surveyed the CGT audience to get the pulse on the good, the bad, and the exciting opportunities contained by the state of collaboration techniques today. Read on to see where your company measures up.