KISS Gets In Front of Shifting Beauty Trends

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Beauty brand KISS has extended its partnership with IRI to help it stay at the forefront of today’s evolving consumer beauty trends.

KISS leverages IRI’s Market Advantage and Consumer and Shopper Insights Advantage technologies on the Unify visualization platform. The company has used the platform — which provides a single access point to aggregated and visualized point-of-sale and consumer data — during the uncertainty of the pandemic in order to keep abreast of industry trends and identify new growth opportunities.

“The pandemic fundamentally changed consumers’ approaches to beautification, and our partnership with IRI has been a significant contributor to our growth and success through this extremely dynamic period,” said Paul Yang, KISS Products chief strategy officer, who noted that the platform enables it to track customers’ preferences and purchase habits in real time.

“With the added, hands-on support of IRI’s advisory team, KISS turned a volatile period into a catalyst for continued, industry-leading growth,” he added. “We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with IRI to help us better understand our consumers, execute effective strategies and make quicker and better decisions.”

New York-based KISS Products sells in more than 100 countries.

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