Kimberly-Clark Sets Digital Marketing Program Record

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Kimberly-Clark Sets Digital Marketing Program Record

Kimberly-Clark, the 140-year-old family and personal care products company, announced impressive results of a Huggies marketing program: a whopping 56 percent click-through and 55 percent e-mail open rate, which drove 630,000 visitors to Huggies' site and an estimated increased awareness of 3.5 million relevant consumers. Social referrals amplified the campaign reach by about 700 percent. The program, which was created in partnership with SocialTwist, was focused on Moms, and 67 percent of all visitors engaged with the program and took an offer.

Click here to see a demo-version of how the campaign worked.

The offer included a $1.50 coupon, as well as the option to refer three friends or post once on a social networking site to earn a $3.00 coupon. The referral marketing program was multi-channel — Huggies seeded it on its web site, Facebook, e-mail, and other outreach channels. The program itself was also presented on the Huggies Facebook brand page, the brand web site and on a dedicated microsite.

"Our program with SocialTwist focused on the target audience for the Huggies brand — moms," said Dan Kersten, Shopper Marketing, Kimberly-Clark. "We connected spectacularly with moms! Every metric, from referral open and click-through rates, to coupon print and redemption rates, was higher than anything we have seen in our other digital marketing programs. Now we're looking for ways to bring SocialTwist to the extended Kimberly-Clark brand portfolio."

SocialTwist is a social referral marketing platform that aims to transform the way brands reach, acquire and retain new customers. The company links market incentives to desired consumer outcomes, and creates a "win-win" opportunity for brands and consumers.