How Nestlé Gets Close to the Voice of the Consumer

Consumer expectations and choices are at an all-time high. The proliferation of data – from star ratings, to reviews, to feedback forms, and more – mean consumers are hyper-informed before they make any purchasing decision, and are growing wise to where and how they choose to shop. To win the loyalty game, brands must do all they can to gain visibility into what shoppers are thinking – no easy task, given the ever-evolving nature of consumer tastes. They must also develop a robust yet agile data strategy, one that not only gathers key insights, but puts them to work as well. 

Nestlé is one brand that’s getting it right. In this edited CGT webinar transcript, Julia Ford-Roumani, consumer experience data and reporting manager, Nestlé, and Gautam Kanumuru, co-founder and CEO, Yogi discuss why the brand has prioritized measuring customer sentiment, and the specific tools they’ve implemented to gather meaningful data in a way that serves the needs of Nestlé extensive product portfolio. Ford-Roumani and Kanumuru also nail down how to move from insight to action, bringing their experience to life with a series of case studies and success stories. 

Read on to learn by example from Nestlé about how to deliver richer consumer journeys and ensure your customers feel heard.