How Henkel Is Streamlining IT Support

henkel interior image

Henkel has implemented a new workforce solution aimed at streamlining internal IT support services for their global network of remote employees. The integration aims to increase efficiency, simplify workflows, and make their IT systems more secure. 

With the newly-consolidated platform, Henkel can connect to every laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device, regardless of the model or operating system.

The Germany-based adhesives and sealants brand laid out plans to overhaul and refurbish elements of its digital infrastructure early last year, with IT systems a key part of this project. On a broader scale, this strategy aims to construct a single multi-category platform combining Henkel’s consumer brands and businesses, including brands such as Persil and Schwarzkopf.

Henkel has tapped remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions TeamViewer to spearhead the integration. TeamViewer’s solution works by plugging into Henkel's existing IT ecosystem, providing connections to other SaaS and cloud-computing platforms inducing ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure, and Jamf, and features single sign-on access, flexible rights management, and end-to-end encryption.  

Adrian van Zyl, product owner client & mobility operations at Henkel outlined how the company had previously managed IT support using “using a variety of different programs.” By centralizing IT support into one platform, the processes have become more efficient, secure, and simple, he said, an important consideration for a brand that has around 60,000 devices worldwide logging into its internal IT systems.  “We now have a solution in place that covers all our requirements for remote maintenance,” van Zyl added. 

Henkel’s Transformative CG Merger 

Henkel has recently made some other broad strides towards streamlined and centralized operations. Most notably, in early 2022, the company announced it would be consolidating its businesses, introducing Henkel Consumer Brands — a merger of its laundry, home care, and beauty divisions. 

As part of this project, Henkel planned to revamp certain aspects of its IT structure, and this latest partnership with TeamViewer will likely form part of the larger vision to revisit and rethink digital and IT operations across the brand. 

In an earnings call at the time, Henkel CEO Carsten Knobel said: “When it comes to our digital unit DX, we are leveraging the reorganization of our digital and IT teams which we had also completed ahead of time. The new setup with highly efficient structures and standard IT processes helps us boost our investments in digital skills and platforms and makes us future-ready for additional growth.”

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