Hershey's Kisses Rank No. 1 in Overall Brand Equity

Hershey Kisses Chocolate Candy achieved the highest overall "Brand Equity" score as well as the highest "Overall Relevance" score among the1,120 brands measured by Harris Interactive's EquiTrend, a renowned annual brand equity study. EquiTrend provides insight on all brands included in the survey based on six base measures: Familiarity, Quality, Purchase Consideration, Brand Expectations, Distinctiveness and Trust. From these base measures "Brand Equity" and "Overall Relevance" are calculated for each brand. Other consumer goods companies that stood out include:
Coca Cola and Heinz Ketchup both scored 98 percent "Familiarity" rating among respondents, the highest of all brands measured.
- Kraft Foods, Inc. captured the highest "Purchase Consideration" among brands measured with a score of 8.55 out of a possible 10.
- Craftsman Tools appears to have earned the attention of consumers and gained the highest score for both "Brand Expectations" (7.65) and "Trust "(8.55).
"These brands are to be commended for not only have they made themselves known -- they've made their brands relevant to their consumers," says Carol Gstalder, senior vice president, Brand & Strategy Consulting Practice, Harris Interactive. "They have created consumer expectations for a positive experience with their brands, and most importantly, they've delivered on that brand promise."