Frito-Lay Goes From Reactive to Proactive with Data

Frito-Lay is swimming in data and because of the company’s high quantity of data, individuals in the go-to-market division (formerly sales) were trying to pull their own insights out of it. Instead of being reactive about it, Dipu Mukherjee, director of Innovation & Analytics, Frito-Lay Go-to-Market of Division of Pepsico, explained how the company is using predictive analytics to become more proactive. 
In order to make the biggest impact, Frito-Lay started with its account teams, getting them out of using manual processes, such as spreadsheets, and into their core competency (to make a sale). 
"We want them instead to try visualization, trends and correlation, and then bring action to insights," explained Mukherjee at the 2015 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit.
Taking a step beyond traditional data analysis to steer strategic business decisions, tools have been developed at Frito-Lay's sales organization that progress from mobile dashboards and execution metrics to model price, promotion and merchandising decisions. Further, predictive and simulation capabilities are now being leveraged to enhance account planning and collaboratively improve retails sales. 
"Data now flows all the way from the top of the organization to the handheld execution piece, all the way into the store," he added. With these new capabilities, advantages now occur across the business including more streamlined communication to aligned priorities to an overall better scenario for sales.