Fresh Del Monte Invests In Blockchain Startup To Support Traceability and Tracking

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Fresh Del Monte Produce has invested in blockchain startup technology with a view to improving food safety, tracking, and traceability across their products and services. 

The fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables company invested a 39 percent stake in Jordanian and UK-based startup, Decapolis. Using QR codes and blockchain technology, Decapolis' solution aims to provide insight into every stage of production, from planting to purchase. 

“Now more than ever, consumers are very cognizant of what goes into their food. With this blockchain technology, they’ll know exactly what has gone into the product, and where it has traveled until the moment it was purchased for consumption. We’re excited to begin rolling out this traceability solution to all Fresh Del Monte products,” said Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, Fresh Del Monte chairman and CEO.

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By scanning a QR code via label, consumers and distributors will be able to see a complete record of product information. Decapolis technology also logs assessments and creates a chain of records throughout the production process. As part of this, Del Monte Produce intends to certify end-to-end traceability and better monitor food safety and quality assurance. So far, Decapolis has rolled out this solution across four continents in both the public and private sectors. 

Starting with Fresh Del Monte’s pineapple operations in Costa Rica, the companies eventually aim to deploy the blockchain solution across all of Del Monte’s business segments. The two businesses are also setting the stage for an industry-wide roll-out, with views to market the product to other interested parties.  

Abedalrhman Habashneh, Decapolis founder and CEO, called the partnership “a force multiplier to work that positively impacts communities, families, and the future of healthy living and technology for good." 

Del Monte aligns with other brands investing in technology to increase their traceability and tracking capabilities across the value chain. Mars, Inc. recently implemented a new digital traceability solution with the goal of addressing supply chain challenges and consolidating data from multiple ERP and warehouse management systems. Similarly, Nestlé recently extended an initiative to address child labor in cocoa production and increase supply chain traceability via secure mobile services.