A Culture of AI: Tyson Foods' Lee Slezak On Scaling New Tech Across the Enterprise

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When Lee Slezak, Tyson Foods VP of IT architecture emerging technologies in analytics, first joined the food company four years ago, AI was typically referring to AVN Influenza, not artificial intelligence. Times, of course, have quickly changed, and now Tyson is knee-deep in a digital transformation journey that’s leveraging AI and machine learning to drive its business forward.

Slezak recently joined a CGT webinar sharing insight into Tyson’s AI culture, the backbone of its analytics practice, how the company is attracting and nurturing data science talent, and the unsung hero of what makes this all work. Read on for details into its technology vetting process and what Slezak's team is learning as they scale this across the enterprise — including why you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to tech success.