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Supply Chain

CPG Supply Chain Transformation Resources


In this series of digital transformation resources, learn how to create a performance playbook that allows your organization to create more value for consumers through a supply chain that’s based on collaboration and organization.

Conagra Brands teaser

How ConAgra Drives Supply Chain Transformations With Speed and Visibility

Hear from Lance Maddex, VP of supply chain at ConAgra as he shares how the brand is meeting consumer expectations, driving internal performance, and finding consistent results by transforming supply chain planning. 

paint brush and paint cans

How HERBL Solutions and Asian Paints Increased Planning Accuracy & Automation

In this solution brief, we explore the forces and implications driving the need for transformation and feature three companies who are playing to win when it comes to supply chain performance. 

cpg connected industries

E-book: Explore the Future of Consumer Industries

To remain competitive, consumer industries realize they need new strategies to keep pace with today’s ever-changing landscape and the industry’s rapid digital transformation. In this exclusive e-book, learn which investment streams are driving key supply chain strategies for consumer industries.