Church & Dwight Speeds Up Innovation With Deep Market Insights

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Church & Dwight is looking to accelerate its innovation across omnichannel channels by leveraging market insights. 

The company has partnered with IRI, which recently merged with analytics provider The NPD Group. The solution will allow Church & Dwight to tap into faster decision-making by better understanding how to reach consumers effectively and prioritize activation resources to optimize marketing spend. 

Church & Dwight will be able to identify target markets — pockets of growth where the company can optimize efforts. The technology leverages a comprehensive cloud of shopper marketing data in order to paint a clearer picture of consumer shopping trends, leading to improved segment planning, opportunity sizing, and activation strategies. 

Through the technology’s ProScores feature, Church & Dwight will be able to forecast 12-month spend across several categories, tapping into a pool of frequent shopper programs and loyalty cards for deeper insights. 

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“We are thrilled to be in this partnership with IRI, taking advantage of their tailored solutions designed to elevate performance and drive business growth for our company,” said Barry Bruno, executive vice president, chief marketing officer and president, consumer domestic for Church & Dwight. “The unique combination of IRI’s comprehensive dataset and industry-leading technology makes IRI the ideal partner to enhance Church & Dwight’s strategic goals.”

Jeremy Allen, president of Americas and APAC for IRI, said that as consumer preferences shift across channels, capturing a complete market view is essential to “identify areas of innovation and gain incremental growth.”

Editor’s Take

Consumer goods companies are in a race to obtain deeper insights about their customers and markets. Brands no longer wish to rely solely on their retail partner stores who may or may not share the behavioral and store data that can bolster their business and get them closer to consumers.

Companies have taken several different routes to access this valuable data. From loyalty programs, as Mars recently did by partnering with Fetch, to interactive experiences like quizzes, as Haleon is doing, there’s no easy street to zero- or first-party data. Today’s leading brands, however, are taking matters into their own hands and prioritizing consumer and market insights for 2023 and beyond. 

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