The Battle for the Consumer: Deciphering the Code to Product Innovation and Growth

Graphic of consumer intelligence, gears and profile on blue background

Innovation and fast-track growth are areas of considerable interest no matter the changing landscape, and they’re intertwined with consumer interest. These themes led to compelling conversations during CGT’s 2021 Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit (CGSM), and in this follow-up discussion, we dive deeper. 

It comes down to one thing, say experts: Brands don’t understand their consumers as well as they should. Blame it on a data deficit due to a gap in first-party sourcing for CGs, or the overwhelming data points that lead to analysis paralysis — the truth is, without the tools to measure and apply learnings, CGs fall behind, and product innovation suffers.

How can CGs compete? Are short-term or long-term data structures more valuable? How can brands encourage continued purchasing and data sharing? Which routes to market will drive profitability higher? Hear from three industry executives who have a front row seat to the tools and resources CGs need to bypass the complexities of data and consumer intelligence to accelerate their growth and establish winning innovation strategies.