Approaches & Solutions for CPGs to Navigate COVID-19

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Approaches & Solutions for CPGs to Navigate COVID-19


Xenia Giese, industry executive retail and consumer goods at Microsoft, recently published a blog detailing pragmatic approaches and solutions for CPGs and retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among them, she broke out three phases of navigating the health crisis: entering a lockdown mode to deal with the current standstill of operations; planning the comeback that will occur when the lockdown is eased; and using digital tools to shape “the new normal.”

Giese also put together a list of resources that Microsoft and its partners offer to support consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. These include:

Support of essential retail processes in stores

  • Invenda: Contactless Shopping via Intelligent Vending Machines
  • Koala App: Self-Scanning, Self-Checkout App
  • Mishipay:  Scan and Pay App
  • Ombori: Digital Queuing Management
  • Rapitag: Scan and Go Self-Checkout via IoT-based Self-Opening Security Tags
  • Stora Enso: Contactless Shopping via Intelligent Vending Machines

Support of employee collaboration and communication

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Customer Service Platform
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: Remote Assistance with Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Teams: Employee Communication and Collaboration in Stores, Warehouses, Production
  • Power Apps: Business Process Workflows – Low Code

Support of mobile, omnichannel and e-commerce processes

  • Episerver: E-commerce Click and Collect
  • Plain Concepts: Mobile and Web Sales Channel
  • Symanto: Social Sentiment Dashboard – COVID-19

Support of supply chain processes and transparency

  • Blue Yonder: Supply Chain Visibility
  • Esri: Corona Dashboard – Location Intelligence
  • Olatbricks: Arvato Smart Logistics Platform

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Regularly studying consumer trips and basket-level data in convenience retail could have helped c-store operators recognize the trend and shift their inventory to accommodate consumer buying habits during the pandemic. 

Discover where the smart supply chain investment dollars are headed to see if your tech roadmap is on par with your peers.

Beyond reducing costs and simplifying operations, SKU rationalization is playing a vital role in improving the supplier/retailer relationship during an especially complex moment — and it may even pave the way for new innovation.