Albertsons Gets into the Digital Media Business


Albertsons Cos. and digital media partner Quotient Technology have launched Albertsons Performance Media, a new service that enables the retailer’s manufacturer partners to leverage proprietary shopper data.

The offering lets brands develop targeted, relevant ad campaigns across a variety of digital media platforms from Albertsons, Quotient and third parties. Albertsons has already signed up more than 60 brands for the program, according to Path to Purchase Institute.

Rival supermarket giant Kroger recently made a similar push into data-driven digital media programming.

“The launch of Albertsons Performance Media, powered by Quotient, is a significant milestone in our journey to being more tightly integrated in the digital grocery ecosystem,” said Narayan Iyengar, Albertsons' senior vice president of digital and e-commerce. “With this capability, we aspire to deepen our digital relationships with our CPG vendor partners while also being more relevant to our digitally savvy customers.”

Quotient, which already partners with Albertsons on its digital savings programs, will manage and optimize the process for Albertsons. For example, Quotient will collect shopper data through point-of-sale via the Quotient Retailer iQ platform, work with brands and Albertsons to design campaigns, develop and deliver creative and measure performance throughout the entire process.

“We are now thrilled to help Albertsons Companies become a leading avenue for data-driven digital media for brands to grow sales efficiently,” said Quotient ceo Mir Aamir. "We’re excited to power Albertsons Performance Media with data science, media delivery and measurement, as well as integration with digital promotions, circulars and shopping lists. The potential is enormous.”