Corporate Strategy

Kraft Heinz Expands Agile Pods Across Organization

Kraft Heinz’s expansion of its Agile-based strategy across all business functions, which includes pods of teams hyper-focused on specific challenges and opportunities, is expected to help it manage increased promotions this year to better compete with private label.  
Kraft Heinz
Trade Promotion Management

Inflation Navigation: Martinelli’s Elevates TPM Capabilities

Beverage manufacturer S. Martinelli & Co. is investing in its trade promotion management technologies to increase visibility into its retail efforts.
Tech Transformation Videos

Tech Transformation Video: How Yesway Is Redefining Loyalty With Automation

Watch to learn how Yesway is revamping its loyalty program and what it means for the company and its customers.
Darrin Samaha

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Mapping Your Consumer Data Strategy

A unified consumer data strategy allows businesses to draw together data from multiple sources and manage interactions at every touchpoint. Learn the key steps to identify where the most valuable consumer data is coming from today – and how to best use it.


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treasure data roadmap teaser

5 Steps to Next-Level Revenue Growth Management

Consumer goods companies are embracing revenue growth management (RGM) as an opportunity to manipulate their most powerful levers—pricing, promotions, assortment, and trade investment—to shape revenue and margins. Consider these five steps, and learn from companies like Kimberly-Clark and Kraft Heinz. 

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revenue growth management