3M’s Post-It Partners With Microsoft on Brainstorming App Venture

post it note interior

3M’s Post-It brand has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new app aimed at digitizing idea-sharing through the use of a virtual whiteboard and sticky notes. 

The app will enable teams to collaborate and innovate in an increasingly "phygital" world, the two companies said. Available to all current Microsoft Teams users, the app will allow users to create a digital sharing space (or whiteboard) and synchronously or asynchronously post sticky notes during brainstorming sessions, meetings, or whenever a new idea strikes them. Users can then sort, stack, assign, color code, or even vote on their peers' Post-Its. For those who still prefer the analog version, the app allows users to take photos of real-world Post-Its and upload them as well. 

“During a time when the ability to collaborate in hybrid environments is critical, the partnership between the Post-It App and Microsoft Teams creates a seamless way for millions of users to put their ideas into action and accelerate the momentum of any project,” said Heather Green, global VP of Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand at 3M.

The Post-It app also allows users to look up key themes through the “Search & Stack” function, import ideas from external sources through the “Explore Topics” feature and even a “Zen Mode” to mute other users. 

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