3M Modernizes R&D Across the Enterprise

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3M has tapped Sopheon to streamline product development across the enterprise.

3M, the No. 16 consumer goods company that produces more than 60,000 products under such brands as Post-it, Scotch-Brite and ACE, is using Accolade software to streamline processes, manage risk, optimize decision-making and accelerate time to market.

Its deployment of Sopheon Accolade is enterprise-wide, involving thousands of users in 60 countries at all levels of the business, including R&D scientists and researchers, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, sales and marketing, as well as commercialization managers and senior executives.

“R&D is the heartbeat of 3M,” said Elizabeth Edblom, Ph.D., 3M director, corporate R&D global strategy and new growth. “Innovation is the thread that connects our four business groups to the vast amount of science conducted by the thousands of scientists and researchers we have around the world. The unprecedented enterprise-wide transparency provided by the Sopheon Accolade platform allows us to know what’s going on in new product commercialization before, during and after launch.”

He noted that Accolade’s portfolio management capabilities provide business leaders with planning and performance insights required to govern the millions of dollars 3M invests in innovation, adding: “3M is proud of our Sustainability Value Commitment for all new products – and Sopheon Accolade helps make that possible.”

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