Wagz Adds Dash to Its IoT-Enabled Menu

Pet product company Wagz, Inc. has integrated its own "Serve Smart Feeder" with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment service, letting consumers use their connected devices to automatically reorder dog food when supplies run low.

The combined service will let owners of the IoT-enabled Serve Smart Feeder to monitor the supply of dog food or other products through a variety of inputs, including infrared, pressure flow, weight and other sensor arrays. The measurement will then signal an automatic reorder of supplies before they are depleted.

To begin, pet owners simply activate the Dash service through an existing Amazon account when initially setting up the feeder. Product is then shipped to the home.

"The Dash Replenishment integration gives people one less thing to worry about and one less errand to run,” said Terry Anderton, chief executive officer of Wagz. “Pet owners can rely on Dash Replenishment without having to think about remembering to re-order dog food or lug around heavy bags.”

Wagz has also integrated an Amazon Alexa skill into the Serve Smart Feeder that lets consumers get information on their dog's daily food consumption or track consumption over time. 

The Wagz feeder monitors food levels in real time, allowing dog owners to automatically dispense food at set intervals from any location through a mobile app. 

At the heart of the Wagz system is the soon-to-be-released Wagz Explore Smart Collar, which connects a suite of products that perform various functions, including opening the door and dispensing water or treats. That product becomes available at the end of July.

Other companies affiliated with the Dash Replenishment program include HP and Epson (for printer ink), Kenmore (detergents), 3M (air filters), Illy (coffee pods) and Petcube (treats).