Wagz Showcases New Dog Care App

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Wagz Showcases New Dog Care App

By CGT Staff - 03/21/2018

Most dog owners wish their pets could walk and feed themselves. Wagz Inc. now helps them come pretty close, with a series of new app-based smart pet care solutions that do almost everything but bark. The line will be showcased at this week’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

The heart of Wagz’ new system is a “smart” dog collar. It connects to a group of integrated products, including a dog feeder, dog door, treat dispenser, water dish and dog tiles. The collar lets owners set precise boundaries, receive alerts and verify the dog's safety. A unique ID tag in each collar activates other Wagz solutions, with all information sent to the user’s smartphone.

“Pet owners don’t need smart gizmos or tons of different apps,” said chief executive officer Terry Anderton. “That’s why we created products that work together to let you know how much activity your dog is getting, if they’re properly nourished and hydrated and if they’re behaving. Our technologies are first of their kind and will make a real difference for people and pets.”

The collar provides GPS tracking. Through the app, users can see where their dog is all the time. An activity monitor tracks the dog’s activity and estimated calories burned based on breed, age and weight. An ambient temperature alert tells users if the dog’s environment is too hot or too cold. Flashing lights around the collar alert oncoming traffic to the dog’s presence. These are activated via the smart phone app.

Also via the app, users can also set a “geofence” containment area. The dog receives gentle ultrasonic and vibrational deterrents when if it moves outside the area. Built into the collar, an “invisible leash” uses the same vibrations and sensors, allowing owner and dog to walk untethered. And "HD Video Screening with Bark Alerts" notifies users when a dog is barking and shows what is upsetting it.

Other items in the line are remotely controlled via the app and collar. The smart dog collar retails for $295 and will be available May 30. Some features require a monthly service plan. Other products are sold separately and ship this spring and summer.