Straight Talk

  • Sifting Through Data & Analytics Hype

    A pair of thought leaders offer advice to consumer goods companies looking to make better sense of the abundance of business data now at their fingertips.
  • Transforming Retail Execution

    In the “adapt or die” era in which consumer goods companies currently find themselves, adopting new technologies such as digital cloud platforms and advanced execution software is a critical ingredient for future success.
    Straight Talk October 2017 Retail Execution teaser image
  • The Truth About Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is not just the CMO’s responsibility anymore.
    Digital Marketing Straight Talk Teaser Image
  • The Benefits of Advanced Supply Chain Planning

    Listen up skeptics: The benefits of long-term supply chain planning will be evident in no time.
    CGT Straight Talk Supply Chain Planning teaser image
  • Read CGT's August Edition Online

    The August 2017 digital edition of CGT takes a deep dive into data & analytics.
  • Moving Beyond Simple S&OP to Real IBP

    It’ll take more than spreadsheets to build effective integrated business planning capabilities.
    CGT Straight Talk Integrated Business Planning teaser image July 2017
  • Separating IoT Fact from Fiction

    Building out IoT capabilities may not be as expensive as some consumer goods executives may think.
  • Wading Through the Trade Promotion Hype

    Think it's too hard to improve capabilities and performance? Think again.
    TPM ST Cover
  • Dispelling Data & Analytics Myths

    An industry expert reveals the reality behind one of the most commonly held misconceptions about predicting consumer behavior and accurately forecasting demand for products.
  • Straight Talk: Innovation

    Most consumer goods companies have traditional R&D organizations that are driven by marketing and operations and completely focused on new product innovation. Yet, the word innovation has become more of a charter or strategic goal as companies strive to innovate in process areas across the business, even challenging fundamental business models. This months Straight Talk takes a look at how innovation can lead to success beyond product extensions and how new thinking can disrupt the status quo.