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CGT Straight Talk Integrated Business Planning teaser image July 2017

It’ll take more than spreadsheets to build effective integrated business planning capabilities.

An industry expert reveals the reality behind one of the most commonly held misconceptions about predicting consumer behavior and accurately forecasting demand for products.

CGT Straight Talk Supply Chain Planning teaser image

Listen up skeptics: The benefits of long-term supply chain planning will be evident in no time.

The August 2017 digital edition of CGT takes a deep dive into data & analytics.

Digital Marketing Straight Talk Teaser Image

Digital marketing is not just the CMO’s responsibility anymore.

Straight Talk October 2017 Retail Execution teaser image

In the “adapt or die” era in which consumer goods companies currently find themselves, adopting new technologies such as digital cloud platforms and advanced execution software is a critical ingredient for future success.

Experts break down the retail execution myths to achieve improved store performance.

TPM ST Cover

Think it's too hard to improve capabilities and performance? Think again.

Building out IoT capabilities may not be as expensive as some consumer goods executives may think.

Most consumer goods companies have traditional R&D organizations that are driven by marketing and operations and completely focused on new product innovation.

A pair of thought leaders offer advice to consumer goods companies looking to make better sense of the abundance of business data now at their fingertips.

CGT asks the experts to wade through the hype and navigate Trade Promotions from spreadsheets to optimization.

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