StitcherAds Launches Digital Circulars and Catalogs

Alarice Rajagopal
Senior Editor
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StitcherAds, a platform for ad solutions and shopping experiences that drive sales on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, announces the launch of Digital Circulars and Catalogs. The customizable solution aims to help retailers automatically surface customers personalized product selections, with prices and sales, from their nearest store in ad units on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Successfully executing digital circulars through paid social media has been a longstanding challenge for marketers. It demands a solution that can manage store location data, localized offer data, dynamic store level creative, multiple creative versions for different publishers and ad formats, in-store transaction data processing, store visit measurement, and more.

StitcherAds’ Digital Circulars & Catalogs is expected to help solve these problems and unlock the following features for retail brands:

  • Personalization: optimizes data from any first or third-party source to deliver localized, relevant products. StitcherAds’ data-fueled, digital circulars are tailored to each user (e.g., only show organic food to organic buyers, a person who has purchased basketball gear from a retailer will get ads for related basketball products, etc.), appealing to their specific interests.
  • Localization: highlights store-level offers at scale. Retailers no longer have to set up ads for each store across hundreds of locations. Through a single ad StitcherAds can auto-detect the end user’s nearest store and show offers that are only available at that location.
  • Engagement: tailoring communications and engagement for loyalty shoppers, Digital Circulars & Catalogs can display unique rewards point updates and redeemable offers based on loyalty status.
  • Digital Experiences: transforms print creative into digital circulars. By creating and saving on-brand templates – simplifying and speeding up your workflow, the builder applies dynamic overlays to automatically showcase localized offers, coupons, pricing, and fine print on each product image.
  • Automation: leverages live data feeds to overcome the restrictions of print to remove out-of-stock offers, add new offers and to automatically merchandise offers based on performance data and customer behavior.
  • Budget Management: can be configured to the store level without the need to create dedicated ads or campaigns. Retailers can choose to allow the system to automatically spend more on top performing stores, direct more budget to specific stores or evenly balance spend across all stores. 
  • Measurement: can measure campaign effectiveness down to the store and product level – as soon as the next day. StitcherAds can securely ingest, cleanse, and restructure in-store transaction data for seamless upload to social platforms to accurately attribute in-store sales to campaigns. This offline data is also used to fuel automatic optimization of campaigns.

StitcherAds technology helps advertisers to scale full-funnel performance marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. The company has empowered some of the largest advertisers worldwide using data-fueled automation to drive sales online and in-store