Price Optimization

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Price Optimization

CGT's readers rank the top technology providers of a solution for trade promotion effectiveness, including trade promotion management (TPM), price management, trade promotion optimization (TPO), etc.

Walmart told investors total net sales growth will be relatively flat for fiscal year 2016, in part to its investments in new technologies, including e-commerce and digital capabilities. Find out what cutting-edge digital and supply chain improvements Walmart is making.

Shifting market conditions and increasing competition continue to hit pressure points for retailers as a whole.Retailer-supplier collaboration can help overcome these challenges.

Understanding price strategy is a key step to achieving optimization

Each successive phase of implementation has increased value chain visibility and improved the companys ability to manage price, promotions and mix, according to a senior director.

In 2008, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. recognized there were opportunities to better manage pricing and distributor margins at the market level. A cross functional team was assembled to commence a large-scale price improvement initiative.

How a $14-billion industrial manufacturer found the right price

Charging what the market will bear is becoming easier

7-Eleven taps customer analytics to optimize prices, drive profitability

SmartTrade is a fit for consumer goods industries that use price and promotion as levers to shape and manage demand, including fast and slow moving consumer goods, consumer durables and consumer electronics.

Re-thinking supply and demand simplifies pricing