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P&G Boosting Supply Chain Potential with Expanded EY Partnership

Lisa Johnston
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Procter & Gamble is growing its partnership with EY to improve its supply chain capabilities during COVID-19’s disruption.

The collaboration expands their relationship to additional supply chain processes, including strategy, planning, customer service, transportation and distribution. Doing so is expected to accelerate transformation and reduce risk in the supply chain by increasing end-to-end supply chain visibility.

“We had a previous experience in different areas where P&G and EY worked extremely well,” Julio Nemeth, P&G chief product supply officer, told CGT. “It was a very strong partnership, and we thought they would be the ideal partner to take this methodology into the market to reach a much bigger number of companies, big and small.”

Advanced tools and automation will provide resources and techniques to enhance and/or digitize existing work processes to improve efficiencies, while the Run-to-Target (RTT) Transformation Accelerator will empower the workforce with a structured self-service methodology.

In addition to breaking down silos for added efficiency, the expanded partnership will help align business areas to focus on common transformation objectives, thereby improving involvement with customers and suppliers for increased visibility.

“Our partnership with P&G allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled access to P&G sites, [including] planning service centers, shop floors, distribution centers,” noted Glenn Steinberg, EY global supply chain leader. “This allows our clients to immerse themselves in the P&G culture, have conversations with P&G leaders and teams, and witness a best-in-class supply chain in action. This is an extremely powerful facet of our relationship, and has helped inspire, and set the vision and future-back approach for several of our clients across multiple industries.”

P&G is the No. 2 publically owned consumer goods company.   

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