Movista Pivots from Retail Execution to Project Health during Pandemic

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Movista Pivots from Retail Execution to Project Health during Pandemic


Movista has launched a new initiative called Project Health that facilitates help for essential businesses to track and report on employee health in the marketplace, in order to stay compliant with local, state and federal guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal and State Government agencies are passing and implementing new regulations every day. Employers could face customer and employee backlash if they fail to monitor the work environment to the best of their ability. Additionally, there are potential liability elements related to becoming a hot spot.

Until a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available, strict workplace guidelines and testing will likely be required in most public-facing workplaces, according to Movista CEO Stan Zylowski. He notes that the company is hearing a loud cry for a solution to the collection of health-related data and decision-making demands in the market. Consequently, Movista has pivoted its enterprise-grade, mobile workplace management toolset to help businesses of any size collect and report on employee health data, as it relates to workplace safety.

Movista recently helped one of its largest customers implement this tracking feature for more than 60,000 employees. Before any worker can start their assigned shift, their manager asks them a series of questions related to COVID symptoms and exposure. If the employee indicates they are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to risk, the system restricts them from working that day and instructs the manager on what steps to take. If the employee has not been exposed to risk and is not experiencing symptoms, they are cleared for work. The company also records employee temperatures using touchless thermometers.

All data is available to the company in real-time for compliance reporting both internally and to public health organizations.

While Movista has traditionally focused on the retail industry, this has broad applicability to any company during the pandemic and even after. It is likely that employers will need to continue checking the health status of employees until a vaccine is readily available.