Mars Wrigley’s Deepak Jose On Data Analytics, AI and 360 Consumer Experiences

Tech Transformation is once again on the road, this time recording from Groceryshop 2022 in Las Vegas. In this episode, Deepak Jose, Global Head One Demand Data & Analytics Solutions at Mars Wrigley, sits down to share how they’re using data analytics to engage today’s consumers in new and innovative ways.  

Listen to learn: 

  • How Mars is using AI and machine learning to create engaging e-commerce experiences
  • What it means to have a value-led approach to analytics, and why it’s paying off for them
  • The data sources that are most important to Mars
  • How they’re recruiting and retaining today’s top tech talent to put all of these ambitions into action


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How value-led analytics can differ from other approaches: “When we were building out the team, we were very clear that we wanted to start with a value-led approach or a decision-back approach. That essentially means if you have to invest in a capability, are your sales and marketing colleagues able to take action by building out this capability? If they are able to take action, a decision-back kind of approach, and if they are able to drive value, then we should be investing in data and analytics.” 

On the benefits of having value-led analytics: “There are three kinds of key benefits that we have seen. Now, obviously, the top line and bottom line benefit. We are able to measure and quantify, and this is something we’re reporting to the CFO of the organization. We have an ongoing practice that we have set up in place. 

“The second aspect of the benefit is the savings from consolidating. … In many cases, because of our siloed analytics approach, we were building out different sources of truth. Now we are building a single source of truth, which is enabling the decision making. So instead of having 8-10 different solutions, we are building out what we call the One Demand Solution at Mars. 

“And the last aspect of value is about the flexibility and accuracy. As we are building out this connected data foundation and the outcomes that we want to drive, what we have seen is that we own the intellectual property, so it gives us a lot more flexibility into adding new data sources. It gives us a lot more flexibility into doing the modeling, trying new kinds of modeling, etc.” 

On recruiting and retaining top tech talent: “When they are joining the [One Demand] team, they are not really doing data analytics, say, for example, only in pricing and promotion. The same data scientists will have an opportunity to do some media analytics, something on omnichannel analytics. So that's the way we have built the technical guides within the team. We have four technical guilds. One is data sciences, data engineering, product strategy, and DevOps engineering. So across each of the guilds, we are able to attract talent quite effectively.”

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