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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Business Analytics.

Discover how leading CGs are tackling the AI development conundrum and where they are on their AI investment roadmap. Are you keeping up with CG’s pacesetters?

Nielsen Connected partner TABS Analytics is collaborating with Brewers Advisors to launch a software and analysis platform designed specifically for breweries.

RIS and CGT uncover the analytic shifts happening in retail and consumer goods today and benchmark the industry’s analytic maturity in this interactive and exclusive report.

Many consumer goods companies pride themselves on their ability to quickly innovate, but Ferrara takes this one step further by building the importance of agility directly into its corporate values.

This year's class of Visionaries does not disappoint. Whether focused on supply chain, analytics, sales and marketing, or innovation, the insights these leaders share on the pages to come are invaluable. CGT is proud to present 11 movers and shakers who are making a major impression on the industry, starting with a retail visionary most recently from Walmart.

Behavioral analytics and insights are expected to help supermarket chain Hy-Vee better understand its customers lifestyle preferences.

Beverage and snack giant PepsiCo has hired a new senior vice president and global chief information officer.

The journey from raw data to actionable insights is no easy task, but next-gen analytics capabilities are delivering greater value across major business functions.

P&G today receives petabytes of daily data, which is growing exponentially. The company needed a solution that will help them make sense of all this data in an efficient manner.

Chief Executive Officer of AFS Technologies Joe Bellini, shares insights into a new approach of integrating predictive analytics into a trade promotion management (TPM) system. The benefits are two-fold: 1) account managers gain access to information they need to make better decisions, and 2) the company maximizes the value from its pricing and promotion models.

RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) gains next gen digital tools and data integration enterprise-wide.

Wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., 84.51, will merge with Market6 to deliver a more personalized shopping experience for Kroger customers.

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