Kellogg's Improves TPO Across 3 Additional Categories

Recognizing the benefit of efficiently analyzing current trade promotion spend and optimizing future trade promotion planning, Kellogg’s Inc. is in the process of rolling out T-Pro Solutions Predictive Analytics Trade Promotion Optimization solution across three additional categories.

Kellogg’s Global Revenue Management first considered T-Pro Analytics in January of 2015 to streamline the consolidation of syndicated POS, shipment, and spending data. The initial project consisted of implementation across four Kellogg's categories and resulted in a reduction in the manual intensity of compiling data; this resulted in a significant improvement in the accuracy of post promotion analysis.

The latest move to use T-Pro Analytics across all Kellogg’s categories reflects the organization’s commitment to using data-driven insights to improve data accuracy, streamline processes, and maximize the return of future trade planning decisions.