Idahoan Partners to Drive Growth and Expand Consumer Base

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Idahoan Foods has partnered with IRI to deepen their strategic relationship with a focus on driving actionable insights based on an understanding of the competitive landscape and Idahoan consumers. Idahoan will leverage the IRI Unify visualization platform to able to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends.

“IRI has been a strategic partner for the last three years, providing Idahoan with insights and analytics enabled by a best-in-class technology platform with comparable capabilities, positioning us to compete with larger manufacturers in the marketplace,” said Drew Facer, president and CEO of Idahoan Foods. “We are truly thankful for our ongoing partnership, as it has made us more effective in our purpose of delighting our consumers and adding greater value for our retail customers.”

Through consistent efforts to uncover new and more effective ways to reach key consumers and convert them to loyal brand users, Idahoan Foods has regularly been among the top CPG growth brands, according to the annual IRI and Boston Consulting Group’s Growth Leaders in CPG Study.

“Thanks to our relationship with IRI, Idahoan has been able to take learnings from our consumer decision tree to help retailers optimize their shelf sets and assortments,” said Glen Walter, vice president of Retail Sales at Idahoan Foods. “As a result, we’ve driven unprecedented sales and share growth for our products while boosting the category.”

Ryan Ellis, vice president of Retail Marketing and Business Development at Idahoan Foods, said, “In collaboration with IRI, we have been able to segment our consumers and identify drivers to bring them to our brand. This coupled with a brand activation strategy has us on course to reach our new-buyer growth goals.