How Yelloh! Stays Fresh as a 70-Year ‘Startup’ With Consumer Insights and Personalization

home delivery truck

One 70-year-old company isn’t showing its age, embracing and operating as the startup it once was. In an attempt to better connect with consumers, optimize delivery, and personalize product recommendations, Yelloh! (formerly Schwan’s Home Delivery), has utilized machine learning, personalization engines, bidirectional communications, and more, to better resonate with both customers and employees. By hitting the ground running with an agile, single-year effort, the company has learned quickly — seeing what works, changing on a daily basis, then expanding and adding components as necessary.

In this edited version of the webinar’s transcript, learn from Kevin Boyum, Yelloh’s chief strategy officer, about how to leverage data and technology transform delivery and end-consumer experiences, to keep a brand youthful and resilient.