Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

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Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

Flowers Foods is consolidating business units and making some leadership adjustments in order grow its brands, improve operations and more heavily focus on product innovation.

For Nestle, Direct Store Delivery, pizza and ice cream are seasonal and promotion-driven, and variety has exploded in recent years. So, it turned to demand-driven forecasting to achieve bottom-line improvements.

Himalayan Water from Tata Global Beverages

The pact brings Tata's Himalayan Natural Mineral Water to the U.S. through the independent Sparkling Ice direct-store-delivery distribution network.

Brand new research from CGT and IDC Manufacturing Insights provides a progress update for initiatives in some of the most discussed sales and marketing challenges and trends in the consumer goods industry.

Kellogg Company says StayinFront products will enhance in-store direct store delivery (DSD) efficiency and productivity. Find out how.

The transition will occur on a market-by-market basis and will create an integrated coast-to-coast distribution network.

Yumi looked to provide its Territory Sales Managers with additional and more effective sales tools on a tablet devices allowing them to leave binders of printed price lists, planograms, and product information behind.

The next five to seven years will a see slow but steady wave of technology refresh penetrate the DSD market. Early adopters such as PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch, and Nestl will lead the charge. VDC Research offers tips for DSD operators who must evaluate opportunities for mobile solutions to enhance existing processes or risk being left behind.

The German subsidiary eliminates its paper system and automates its 320 delivery routes, while the Japan subsidiary equips 270 sales representatives with a mobile solution.

From its humble beginnings in the technology dark ages, direct-to-store data exchange (DEX) is finally leaping from the past into the future.

For brand manufacturers, the launch of direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels is critical to staying competitive and represents an unprecedented opportunity to build a direct relationship with its customers.

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