Groupe Rocher Taps Google Cloud for Green IT & E-Com Transformation

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Groupe Rocher has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its IT services by 30%. Editorial credit: nikkimeel /
Groupe Rocher has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its IT services by 30%. Editorial credit: nikkimeel /

Groupe Rocher has teamed with Google Cloud as part of a five-year collaboration to accelerate its digital transformation and support its sustainability strategy.

The parent company to such cosmetics brands as Arbonne International, Yves Rocher and Petit Bateau, Groupe Rocher recently published its Digital Responsibility Ambitions 2030 plan with an “IT Responsibility” approach centered around four pillars: reducing the carbon impact linked to its IT activities; developing a resilient, sustainable and accessible information system; developing sobriety in digital usages; and supporting the company’s green transformation.

As part of this, it intends to reduce the carbon footprint of its IT services by 30%, and the company has tapped Google Cloud for an IT infrastructure that’s expected to help it do just that.

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The cosmetics company will determine which Google Cloud region to use based on its carbon-free energy percentage, as well as leverage Google’s sustainable energies, recycling, and use of renewable energy investments for its infrastructure.

Stanislas Duthier, Groupe Rocher CIO, said the companies will work together to ensure that the development of its brands can benefit from Google’s cloud technologies and digital expertise while also ensuring they accelerate steadily towards their own sustainability objectives. Groupe Rocher will track the data related to the partnership against its own sustainability goals.

The implementation will also power its brands’ e-commerce and social commerce initiatives, and includes API management to SAP migration and data analytics.

Groupe Rocher will deploy Google’s My Data platform globally, modernizing its e-commerce platform and using data analytics to develop more effective customer omnichannel journeys.

Based in France, Groupe Rocher sells through more than 115 countries and counts more than 17,500 employees among its ranks. Its Digital Responsibility Ambitions 2030 plan says its “committed to implementing a responsible digital strategy that uses less energy, is more inclusive, more equitable and more united.”

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