Goodbaby Scales Amazon E-Com Sales and Operations with CommerceIQ

Nicole Gillo
Senior Editor
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Parenting product brand Goodbaby has selected CommerceIQ to help grow e-commerce sales and operations on Amazon.

Boomerang Commerce's CommerceIQ is an end-to-end platform that uses machine learning to automatically analyze hundreds of variables to identify and recommend the best sales-related actions that can drive profitability and minimize sales leakage.

As a leading manufacturer of durable juvenile products, Goodbaby has aggressive growth goals for e-commerce sales and category performance. The platform is expected to enable the company’s teams to act on growth opportunities, mitigate competitive actions, minimize out-of-stock situations, and cost-effectively scale online operations.

To compete efficiently across categories on Amazon, Goodbaby will leverage automated sales, marketing and operations strategies and prioritized recommendations to manage and optimize the performance of its key categories and individual product SKUs.

“As our e-commerce business evolves, we need to scale our operations and automate processes through technology like CommerceIQ,” said Goodbaby’s global vice president of e-commerce, Aaron Cunningham. “CommerceIQ enables our teams to prioritize actions and strategically manage our Amazon operations effectively each day. We evaluated several options and concluded that only CommerceIQ would give us the same breadth and depth of insights into both our products and those of our competition so that we can optimize our e-commerce sales strategies.”

Leveraging machine learning and data science, the sales platform highlights growth opportunities and implements actions to boost search rankings, traffic and conversion to play “offense” and grow market share. It also flags risks by monitoring competitor actions, identifying lost "Buy Box" situations, reducing out-of-stock and allowing for preemptive moves.

“We are excited to welcome Goodbaby as one of the newest brands in the Boomerang customer family,” says Boomerang Commerce chief executive officer Guru Hariharan.