Getting Direct-To-Consumer Right

Paradoxically, the most important step for consumer goods companies seeking to launch a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) site is to resist the urge to set up a direct-to-consumer site — at least until they get some critical homework out of the way. While many traditional CG companies are feeling tremendous me-too pressure to field a DTC offering, success comes to those that approach it with a well-conceived strategy that serves the consumer and business alike.

As Ben Lerer, managing partner of venture firm Lerer Hippeau, told Harvard Business Review, “There’s still a lingering idea that DTC is innovative. That simply isn’t the case anymore … It’s about how you do it now that’s innovative.”

But even consumer goods companies that are just getting started can see DTC success by leveraging best practices gleaned from those that have already forged ahead. Read on to uncover the steps CGs can take to reap the benefits of getting DTC right.