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In this issue, CGT recognizes 53 executives from 41 consumer goods companies who are playing key roles in the supply chains of their organizations. They represent some of the “who” behind the “what” — the systems, processes and technologies — that are being used to drive success in today’s ever-changing consumer goods landscape.

No matter how much today’s industry conversation trends toward digital transformation, the IoT, automation, artificial intelligence and other topics that suggest an increasingly greater reliance on technology, a consumer goods supply chain is only as successful as the people behind those technologies, the ones who select them, deploy them and keep them working — and sometimes still need to save the day when they fail.

This month’s feature is the first in a series of “Who’s Who” events that we’ll be staging throughout 2017 to cover key areas of the consumer goods industry. Later in the year, we’ll tackle Sales & Marketing, Data & Analytics, and Information Technology.

For this initial outing, we kept things pretty close to home by recognizing some of the people we know best: members of our advisory councils (who, you’ll soon find out, have far more noteworthy accomplishments), recent winners of our awards programs, content contributors and subjects, and other people who’ve crossed CGT’s path closely in recent years. We also took a look at some high-profile execs — hey, is CSCO an accepted acronym yet? — who are guiding change not only at their companies, but also in the consumer goods world at large.

But recognizing 53 executives at 41 companies barely scratches the surface of the noteworthy people in the industry. While we plan to showcase a new and larger “Who’s Who in Supply Chain” group in print each year, we don’t want this simply to be an annual event. So we’ll be adding additional people to the list on throughout the year.

That means the executives we recently contacted who were too shy or too busy (or maybe a little bit of both) to get involved immediately still have an opportunity to get the recognition they deserve. We also welcome additional recommendations from bosses, co-workers or vendor partners.

As that old saying goes (sort of), it’s not just what you know but who you know. We here at CGT want to help the industry get to know more of you.

Peter Breen, Editor-in-Chief 

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