Developing and Building Meaningful Artificial Intelligence

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly evolved from buzzword to vital business capability. The technology is being embedded into every key business function throughout the enterprise, providing forward-thinking consumer goods companies with unparalleled insight, control and performance.

The fact that AI is providing CGs with unprecedented analytic firepower is not particularly newsworthy ― the technology has become table stakes in vital business functions like demand planning and supply chain execution. But what is of interest is how leading CGs are developing these game-changing enhancements to their tech stack. Are they doing the work themselves? Working in conjunction with a technology partner? Or turning the whole exercise over to a third party?   

In this Targeted Research report we examine how leading CGs are tackling the AI development conundrum and where they are on their AI investment roadmap. Are you keeping up with CG's pacesetters? Read on to find out!