Defining Personalization: Reckitt, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Church & Dwight and Bimbo Canada

An oft-used term in consumer goods sales and marketing, personalization can mean many different things to different companies. For Reckitt, personalization from a CRM point of view is defined by leveraging as many first-party data signals from consumers as possible and using them to enrich their experiences with the brands, explains Imteaz Ahamed, director of performance marketing, at the CPG. 

“From Enfamil and baby formula point of view, we're taking signals like first name, last name, their address, and then addressing a sample to them when it's time for them to consider purchasing baby formula. So with that, as they're enriching their educational journey in terms of baby formula, reading content on our websites, interacting with our app, etc., we're using those signals to personalize the experience — so showing them the right products, showing them the right content, that meaningfully adds to their journey in terms of being a parent and feeding their child.” 

Watch to learn insights from Ahamed, as well as: 

  • Bhaumik Sharma, Senior Director, IT, Kellogg Company
  • Brian Bell, VP, Strategy and Planning, Church & Dwight
  • Mohamed Al Lawati, Director, Digital and E-commerce, Bimbo Canada
  • Cheriti Swigart, Director, Digital and Technology Solutions, General Mills

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