Becle’s Proximo Spirits Leans Into Decision Intelligence

Lisa Johnston
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Proximo Spirits is investing in decision intelligence as part of its efforts to improve its forecasting and demand planning capabilities. 

Decision intelligence leverages data and advanced analytics to improve a businesses’ decision making effectiveness. Proximo Spirits, which is a subsidiary of Becle and includes such brands as Jose Cuervo, Three Olives, and 1800 in its portfolio, will leverage the technology in the United States and Canada to support its premiumization-focused growth strategy. 

As part of partnership with Aera Technology and Deloitte Consulting, the spirits company expects decision intelligence to help it better predict demand, manage inventory, and pivot accordingly.

“Every single company right now needs to be able to react in a quick manner. They need to adapt faster to the ever-changing world,” Luis Gonzalez, Becle global supply chain director, told CGT. “And every single day there’s an increase in the complexity of their supply chain. There is no other way for the companies to survive and to adapt quickly to those changes than to automate processes, and to convert manual processes from humans making decisions” to one in which machines are supervised by humans.

It’s a change that he expects to occur rapidly, and this investment is part of a three-year roadmap. The company has already improved its forecast accuracy by 30% in the United States, according to Gonzalez. 

Proximo Spirits joins such other companies as Colgate-Palmolive that are exploring the technology, which recently shared that they were piloting it

“Most companies need to be very open and very creative when exploring these technologies,” noted Gonzalez. “Because at the end, those that are able to discover the additional benefits that you can get out of it will be the ones that will get the competitive advantage in the future.” 

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