Acosta To Acquire Impact Group

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Consumer goods sales and marketing services provider Acosta will acquire Impact Group, a sales and marketing agency with a national presence and local market expertise in natural, specialty, ethnic and emerging brands.

Acosta and Impact Group provide highly complementary services, and this move is expected to expand service offerings and open new channel opportunities for clients of both companies, including providing local market proficiency and a distribution solution that gives emerging brands access to the shelves of major retail chains.

As part of the acquisition, Acosta will be integrating three of Impact Group’s business units to strengthen its offerings. These units include the sales and marketing agency that provides sales, marketing, analytics and retail support for consumer goods manufacturers; the specialized sales business operating at metropolitan retailers in key urban cities; and the dedicated distribution capability to help emerging brands get to market.

"We are excited to join forces with Impact Group, as their expertise adds dimension to Acosta's long history of growing brands and will create significant benefit for our clients," said Brian Wynne, Acosta CEO. "Over the past few months, we have identified numerous parallels between our organizations in terms of the channels we support and how we work with clients, and our services complement each other well. We look forward to sharing our expertise and working together to strengthen our offerings and provide even greater value to clients. We look forward to this new chapter ahead."

The deal is expected to close in July.

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