2015 Readers' Choice Survey: Editors Pick

15 Unique Technology Providers to Explore in 2015

In the following section, CGT’s editorial staff takes the opportunity to shine a spotlight on 15 technology solution and services providers that are making a substantial impact on how consumer goods organizations are innovating with the help of technology. These companies do not fit snugly into the Readers’ Choice Survey’s 13 mainstay categories due to their smaller size or niche focus. Nonetheless, they have been endorsed by consumer goods executives in conversations with our editorial team throughout the year and are, therefore, worthy of your undivided attention.

The profiles will highlight each organization by defining its specialty or focus, including what each company has been working on within the past year. Whether they are busy launching new solutions, making improvements to previous versions, receiving awards and recognitions, or announcing major consumer goods customer wins, these companies should be kept top-of-mind when making important business decisions in the coming year and beyond.  






Specialty: Brillio, a global technology consulting, software and business solutions company, enables the successful transformation of businesses facing significant disruption fueled by technology and cultural change. The company utilizes emerging technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

What’s New? In December, Brillio announced top technology trends for 2015, focused on the unification of the real and virtual worlds.




CIGNEX Datamatics Inc.

Specialty: CIGNEX Datamatics is a pure-play, Open Source consulting company offering enterprise-grade solutions, platforms and services. It helps CIOs tackle cost reduction, newer technology adoption, and technology-led business innovation by deploying mature Open Source software.

What’s New? Launched OpeRA (Open Source Readiness Assessment Service), Digital Employee Engagement Platform and Reputation Management Platform.



ClearStory Data

Specialty: The big data analysis solution speeds access and connects disparate data across the supply chain in near real-time, allowing consumer goods companies and retailers to get a faster, deeper understanding of customer behavior and enable supply chain optimizations.

What’s New? The addition of Interactive and Collaborative StoryBoards to its Data Intelligence solution empowers all business stakeholders to engage in rich, interactive storytelling on the latest insights, allowing more users to interact and collaborate and make decisions in context.



Specialty: A software platform for brands and retailers to more effectively manage field teams, gather in-store data and direct resources to improve retail execution. Gigwalk is the only solution that combines workforce management, crowdsourcing and a data driven approach to work assignment for intelligent in-store execution.

What’s New? Launched Gigwalk Enterprise for workforce management with new customer Whirlpool.





Specialty: Gladson combines the industry’s largest database of CPG product images and information with high impact category management services to help consumer goods manufacturers maximize sales and operational efficiency.

What’s New? Over the last 12 months, Gladson added 1,000 new manufacturer customers that want to make sure their digital product content can meet the diverse product content needs of shoppers, retail partners and internal constituents.




IGATE Technologies Inc.

Specialty: IGATE partners with its consumer goods clients as their information systems make the journey from a “system of record” focus to a “system of engagement” focus. Digitally enabling trade and consumer engagement was a focus area in 2014.

What’s New? IGATE partnered with XTEL (a Kantar Retail Group Company) to bring its Trade Promotion Management platform — Sales Master One — to the U.S. market.



Kenandy, Inc.

Specialty: Kenandy offers consumer goods companies the ability to leverage a cloud ERP platform to gain a comprehensive view of supply chain, financial and promotion performance across all business functions.

What’s New? After successfully implementing Kenandy for an acquisition, Big Heart Pet Brands installed the platform at its headquarters in what is now the largest cloud ERP system in the world.





Specialty: Advanced analytics, business intelligence solutions and information management services, empowering consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their retailer partners to drive profitable growth by truly understanding and activating the shopper’s journey.

What’s New? Launched Demand Signal Management solution that harnesses powerful analytics to drive predictive pricing capabilities and create actionable shopper insights.





Specialty: Mindtree helps global consumer packaged goods companies build the technological frameworks and solutions for digital marketing, promotions and retail execution.

What’s New? A hosted platform for assortment and suggested order recommendation to book the perfect order at each store in emerging markets.




Specialty: NeoGrid’s fast-to-implement supply chain solution provides analytics, planning and execution from production to store shelves in a global cloud-based platform.

What’s New? Launched an advanced S&OP solution that is demand-driven and fully integrated with VMI, CPFR and TPM offerings. This capability provides a single view of data for demand planning, bringing true collaborative planning to the S&OP process.





Specialty: PROS helps companies juggle millions of product configurations in highly volatile markets. It is helping organizations make pricing, product mix, and production decisions by analyzing margin opportunities.

What’s New? Given its commitment to customer success, Australian food giant Coles recognized PROS as one of the top three IT vendors this year.





Specialty: Retail intelligence solutions provider for the world’s largest CPG companies. Quri delivers tools, insights and analysis that enable CPG companies to improve retail execution and produce positive trade spending ROI.

What’s New? Launched IMPACT, an innovative performance tool that combines real-time sales data with Quri’s in-store conditions data, enabling managers to analyze and oversee in-store promotions.?



Riversand Technologies

Specialty: Product information management and multi-domain integrated end-to-end solution with certified 1WorldSync Connectors and portals to effectively collaborate with B2B trading partners and market places.

What’s New? Riversand was recognized as a “Leader” by industry analysts such as Forrester, Gartner and Ventana Research, for combining PIM and MDM functionality with the ability to communicate trusted product and trading partner data via the GDSN.




Stibo Systems, Inc.

Specialty: Stibo Systems’ MDM solution helps CPG companies manage information to boost profitability, support global brands, improve consumer education and comply with government regulations.

What’s New? Several top CPG brands selected Stibo Systems. Gartner identified the company as a Magic Quadrant Leader for a second year.





Specialty: UpClear is a global provider of Sales Planning, TPM and Analytics software. BluePlanner is delivered efficiently through SaaS and is highly configurable to adapt to local requirements.?

What’s New? In 2014, UpClear added Advanced Analytics to the BluePlanner software, giving clients faster and deeper insight into sales and promotion efficiency.