Virtual Fireside Chat: Supply Chain Planning for Evolving Consumer Demands

With few exceptions last year, consumer behavior was more erratic than ever before. Social platforms were noisier and sales channels were more crowded, making it harder to capture attention and deliver products, let alone a great customer experience. Predicting demand and supply became a shell game.

A summer of leveling off was short-lived, and, by mid-November, certain shelves were empty again. All told, the pandemic changed how CG companies think about supply chain planning forever.

CGT spoke with a pair of executive thought leaders to learn more about changes, challenges and successes in today’s supply chain. Read on for an overview of the chats and watch the entire conversations. 


John Lash is VP of product marketing at E2open, where he’s responsible for establishing and leading a team of product marketers and analyst relations professionals.

In the discussion, he shares his thoughts on how the pandemic's second wave has impacted CGs' efforts to predict demand, as well as some of the things the most successful companies are getting right. He also breaks down some best practices for companies seeking to develop their supply chain resilience strategies.


Keith Moore is chief product officer for AutoScheduler.AI, where he works with customers to deliver supply chain solutions focused on driving efficiency in distribution centers.

Moore gets granular in his discussion about the challenges facing today’s consumer goods companies, especially with regard to their operations and systems. He also shares his thoughts on the role of AI within in the supply chain (spoiler: it’s not the silver bullet).