Teradata Debuts 4D Analytics Tools

Nicole Gillo
Senior Editor
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Cloud-based data and analytics company Teradata has unveiled "4D Analytics," a new capability combining 3-dimensional geospatial location data with the 4th dimension of time.

This functionality is relevant in edge computing applications to manage changing time and location variables. By integrating these capabilities — geospatial, temporal and time-series data — into the existing Teradata Analytics Platform, clients can operationalize enhanced IoT analytics use cases.

The addition enhances IoT analytics by using insights based on both the time and "space" of a device, such as cars and wearables. Combining time-series (data points collected at set intervals that show activity and changes over time), temporal (storing data related to relevant time periods), and geospatial data (associated with a device's location) provides contextual analytics based on when and where.

Exposing deep insights that enable new logic and rules, Teradata's 4D Analytics make the edge smarter. The 4D Analytics capability can be used to power enhanced applications, including:

  • Analyzing patterns of trains, subways, cabs, automobiles, traffic lights, restaurant traffic and general citizen movement for smarter insights, logic, and rules.
  • Studying sensor data from a vehicle fleet (such as travel times and routes) to optimize operations and predict the probability of a breakdown and the resulting business impact.
  • Using wearables and personal medical devices to analyze data on patient heart rate and activity to understand medication compliance.
  • Analyzing data from individual cars to understand the difference between an accident and a near miss, making all cars smarter and safer.
  • Around transportation-as-a-service, combining time-series and geospatial data with demographic information (i.e. elderly or student riders) and weather data to create highly targeted custom offers in near real-time.

Combined with the 4D Analytics capabilities, the Teradata Analytics Platform is a foundational component of Teradata Everywhere. The platform is available in the cloud with the freedom to change deployment environments as business needs evolve.