Tata Consumer Products Takes Next Step in Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) is digitally transforming its supply chain as it plots an expansion in the food and beverage market.

The consumer goods company, which unites the food and beverage interests of the Tata Group and includes such brands as Tata and Tetley Tea, has created an autonomous and integrated supply chain that leverages Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning platform.

The implementation was executed by Accenture and powered by Micrsoft Azure, and is expected to improve end-to-end visibility across the value chain to meet growing consumer demands and facilitate growth.

TCPL is growing its new marketplace models and presence in the food and beverage industry, and as such requires enhanced capabilities for demand planning, inventory optimization, sales and operations planning, and supply planning and replenishment.

It anticipates this partnership to increase service levels, reduce logistics costs and emissions and improve delivery responses. By combining internal and external data from across its digital supply chain assets, TCPL will receive real-time visibility into any issues and have the ability to quicken its resolutions and plan for scenarios.

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