Purcotton Syncing with New Consumer Demands

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Cotton goods company Purcotton is partnering with Centric Software to take the next step in its digital transformation.

The company, which develops and sells cotton products across cleaning care, pregnancy care, feminine care, clothing and home, will leverage Centric’s Product Lifecycle Management solution to improve collaboration and more fully visualize business processes.

Purcotton, which has more than 240 stores in China and leads e-commerce sales on such platforms such as Tmall and, embarked on a digital transformation project in 2019 to integrate central commodity operations, front-end product development management and back-end supply chain management. It sought a PLM solution to build a multi-mode, market-oriented, collaborative, efficient and open product development platform.

By integrating Centric’s PLM solution, the company expects to improve accuracy in planning, R&D, sampling and manufacturing and sales as its teams are better able to develop products based on data-driven decisions.

“Products have always been designed based on the experience of our R&D and design teams,” Li Jianquan, Purcotton general manager, said in a statement. “Nowadays, especially with the popularity of influencers and e-commerce live-streaming, consumer demands change frequently. In order for R&D to be in sync with consumers, we must speed up our market response and product launch cycle. PLM shortens the distance from concept to consumer.”

Teams are also expected to eliminate document management to concentrate more heavily on consumer needs and product innovation.

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