Technology Innovation

P2PX 2019 'Show Stoppers'


Path to Purchase Institute’s editors reviewed the ranks of exhibitors and sponsors at this year’s Path to Purchase Expo (Nov. 13-14 in Chicago) to curate this special list of innovations that will be demoed, displayed and available for evaluation. 

Ad Persistence (Tip of the Spear Technology Showcase)

Ad Persistence’s Advertisement Sync Gateway is a cloud-based platform that provides the ad industry with an intelligent, bi-directional communication protocol dedicated to digital ad delivery and attribution and offers. The Direct to Consumer Advertisement Protocol is available today and designed to easily integrate into existing digital ad ecosystems.

Aki Technologies (Booth 438)

At a time when shoppers spend at least three hours a day on mobile devices, Aki helps marketers identify the moments when they’re most likely to capture mobile attention. Our AI-powered “Moment Marketing” science uncovers patterns in ad receptivity so marketers can cut through the noise to deliver more personal, relevant mobile ad experiences along the path to purchase. By reaching shoppers in the optimal moments — with the optimal message — Aki will help you get on the list, drive in-store traffic and sales, and increase orders.

Breaktime Media (Booth 134)

Breaktime Media is showcasing a new personalization platform that serves content dynamically based on first-party shopper inputs. With brands looking to become more personalized and prescriptive with portfolio recommendations, the platform scientifically adapts in real-time to each individual’s needs, customizing the content, featured products and offers based on what the shopper is telling us at that very moment. Launched in May 2019, the personalization engine has been used successfully by CPGs including J.M. Smucker, Wells Enterprises and SC Johnson to successfully engage with shoppers in the pre-shop phase of the purchase journey.

Brook & Whittle (Booth 132)

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important initiative for many companies, Brook & Whittle has responded to the growing need for sustainable, recyclable and renewable labeling materials. The company has a process that allows it to provide vivid graphics on materials that can be recycled along with the plastic containers. This traditionally has been a challenge for the label manufacturing industry and has presented a barrier to CPG manufacturers to use without negatively impacting their brand graphics.

Coolio North America (Booth 304)

An innovative display that lets brands temporarily, incrementally promote new refrigerated products and brands. The Coolio display consists of a high-end cooling unit and an interchangeable graphic panel system called FreshBoards. Custom-printed, high-impact corrugate panels and headers fit perfectly onto the Coolio unit to create a vertical, open-air cooler display with bright LED-lighted shelving, evenly chilled products inviting trial, and full-color graphics to effectively educate and communicate the brand’s message at point-of-sale — creating powerful connections with shoppers away from the cooler, on the perimeter.

Cyrano (Tip of the Spear Technology Showcase)

Cyrano is a digital agent that transforms conversational commerce by combining artificial intelligence with emotional intelligence. Doing more than just recognizing what nouns and verbs are being used, Cyrano’s patent-pending approach to natural language understanding recognizes contextual and emotional patterns in words and phrases within a conversation. (P.S. Ask them about the company name.)

DXC Technology (Booth 504)

DXC is a leading independent, end-to-end IT services company for managing and modernizing mission-critical systems and integrating them with new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes.

ElastiTag (Booth 230)

It is proven fact that the power of scent influences consumer behavior. Brands can create a unique sensory experience for their consumers with a scented ElastiTag from Bedford Industries. Adding a scented coating to the ElastiTag lets shoppers experience a fragrance without having to open the product. Bedford can apply a Rub’nSmell varnish from Scentisphere over the entire tag or just on top of a specific design element. Many stock scents are available, but customized designs delivering a unique scent are also available.

Eyeview (Booth 108)

Eyeview’s Video Circular solution solves for print-circular distribution challenges by delivering real-time, weekly ad content through targeted, high-impact video ad units. This curated ad experience is personalized for each viewer with relevant, local offers and store map messaging, delivered across in-stream desktop, mobile/tablet and connected TV inventory. Units can leverage existing video creative or Eyeview can build assets completely from scratch. Most importantly, the V-Circular consistently drives incremental foot-traffic, sales lift and return on ad spend while driving increased shopper investment from vendors.

Field Agent (Booth 554)

Digital Demo by Field Agent mobilizes real shoppers in specific areas to buy, try and write about a product, then share the article online. This creates both short- and long-term awareness and demand, and can even be applied to products outside the reach of traditional demos. Ultimately, Digital Demo can result in hundreds or even thousands of high-quality articles being written and/or shared online.

hmt Associates (Booth 236)

Playbook, hmt’s retail center of excellence, was developed by the agency’s team of experts, who translate brand and scale initiatives into turnkey, insights-based and shopper-focused campaigns that are easy and efficient to activate across the entire retail landscape (beyond the top 10 retailers). The playbook’s average track rate is a 5:1 ROI.

Ibotta (Booth 148)

Ibotta Insights is a full-service research partner leveraging the company’s database of 12 million-plus active users. The database boasts 100% buyer verification, omnichannel visibility and the ability to access low-incidence categories and product launches faster than competitors. Ibotta can help small businesses and established companies that need bespoke research or point-of-sale data.

inMarket (Booth 208)

Using comscore-verified, real-time data from 50 million first-party integrations with the world’s most popular apps, inMarket identifies and engages consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle, providing brands with a dynamic, accurate and actionable measurement platform, inMetric. Powered by one of the largest verified networks of direct consumer connections in the U.S., inMetric brings unmatched clarity to every consumer’s path to purchase and is consistently cited by tier-1 publications like The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Business Insider.

Insignia Systems (Booth 216)

Insignia is bringing its shopper knowledge and in-store expertise to the digital advertising space in a new way. In an exclusive partnership with IRI, the company has developed a proprietary targeting process that combines product, store and shopper information to identify consumers with the strongest propensity to buy a brand/product. The company is able to create, refine and target the right custom audience segments to deliver results.

Kantar Media (Booth 532)

The Kantar Sales Performance Platform helps consumer goods companies throughout the commercial excellence journey, equipping them with recognized, best-in-class, cloud-based solutions to manage key sales processes and deliver against key growth pillars by enabling the automation of key commercial processes: TPx, retail execution and category management. The platform embeds insights and proven best practices to help speed up organizational readiness through a proven approach. As a result, CPGs can successfully bridge the gap between strategy and execution, enable effective ways of working across their organizations, and profitably grow.

Meyers (Booth 122)

Meyers will be joined in its booth by Touchcode, a technology company that empowers brands to give consumers interactive, exclusive experiences that help maximize customer lifetime value. Their smart packaging solution uses conductive ink to produce an invisible identification tag that can be printed on paper, cardstock, packaging, plastics or labels, connecting physical products to the digital world.

Myxx (Booth 558)

Myxx is an intelligent marketing platform that dynamically connects brands and retailers to consumers through personalized “shoppability,” providing insights to help drive deeper funnel engagement, conversions and measurable sales lift across the path to purchase.

Prodege (Booth 138)

Shoply is a new consumer-facing app powered by the Prodege Network that allows access to 100 million-plus registered consumers on the go while they’re shopping, both in-store and online. The app helps brands and retailers move product off the shelves without the need for coupons or discounts while providing significant insights into shopping behavior.

PureRED (Booth 248)

The offer management system offers a single source of truth that integrates multiple digital content editing tools into one platform. This provides the ability to create, edit, suppress, reject and approve promotional offers each week in real time, simplifying the offer management workflow to improve efficiency and save on proofing costs. It also saves time on offer creation by utilizing asset and pricing templates. Reduce wait times and promote collaboration between teams.

Quotient (Booth 128)

Quotient eCommerce provides brands access to e-commerce marketing opportunities that are integrated with the company’s exclusive retail partner platforms. By providing access to real-time inventory bidding and transparent, by-retailer reporting including managed and self-service options, Quotient helps brands increase their digital shelf space by ensuring product placements appear in locations designed to optimize conversion. Through Quotient’s exclusive access to retailer media ad inventory and POS data, brand and retailer partners can drive shoppers through the purchase funnel from awareness to buying — all while directly measuring sales impact and informing future strategy.

Scentisphere (Booth 234)

The Shopping Scenter Lift & Smell Blade uses a 3-D injection-molded format to provide interactive, sensorial signage durability for extended promotions and programs in-store. Fragrance is critical to the equity of home, personal and beauty care brands, and now naturally has become a critical component to consumer purchase decisions. The versatility and flexibility of the Shopping Scenter Lift & Smell format lets it be featured within endcap dress up kits and any display format including shelf strips, PDQs and floorstands.

SmartCommerce (Booth 436)

SmartCommerce has extended its Click2Cart technology beyond digital, letting brands drive repurchase directly from samples, coupons, product packaging, etc., using the simple Scan2Cart service. Brands can make it easy for shoppers to drop products directly into a preferred retailer’s cart, or they can present a choice of retailers that have the product in stock at that moment (stock status and price are continually updated). Consumers appreciate the opportunity to easily act immediately when they’re aware of running low on a product, saving time and bypassing distractions (and cross-selling) on the way to the cart.

Snipp Interactive (Booth 300)

Snipp delivers an advanced level of basket analysis captured from first-party shopping data by SnippCheck, a receipt processing engine in POS devices tied to in-store promotions. This includes transcription (of a sample set of receipts from the Snipp program), brand identification, and categorization of receipts summarized in an interactive, dynamic report. This advanced report helps make sense of complex consumer behaviors and purchase patterns at the product, brand and category levels. This invaluable information can be turned into actionable insights as also help brands measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, enabling intelligent decision-making.

TPG Rewards (Booth 326)

TPG’s Intelligent Packaging platform, powered by its TAP Technology, enables brands to transform their packages into an interactive product that provides true one-to-one connections, delivering entirely different consumer experiences throughout the product’s pre-sale, purchase and consumption lifecycle. TAP Technology helps brands understand usage patterns, both pre-purchase and post-purchase customer behavior, in a way they never could before — providing true context for each connection. Kraft Heinz is currently leveraging the Intelligent Packaging platform for a national on-pack program at Walmart that triggers “content in context.”

TwoFer Shelf Talkers (Booth 440)

A disruptive retail shelf-edge technology that can positively impact a retailer’s bottom line and sustainability goals will be showcased. TwoFer’s linerless products provide twice the usable product-per-pound, offering half the shelf talker cost and half the environmental impact. Developed and patented by NAStar Inc., TwoFer’s recyclable back-to-back paper-based tag labels, without a silicone coated liner, provide film-like performance without curl, even in refrigerated use.

Volta Charging (Booth 228)

Volta, a leader in developing innovative, highly used electric vehicle charging networks, is revealing a dramatic new electric vehicle charging station that cuts a slim, airfoil-like silhouette with a design focused on both user experience and community impact. Throughout the charging process, the station communicates real-time status using emotive and intuitive external lighting. A Volta trademark, the station incorporates high-resolution 55-inch displays to showcase content from sponsoring partners as well as community-oriented messages. The company’s media network becomes an increasingly valuable platform for brands looking to generate measurable brand affinity.

XPO Logistics (Booth 328)

At XPO, automation is not just an experiment, it is a proven practice that enables customers to tackle the challenges of today while anticipating the roadblocks of tomorrow. The company’s booth will boast a new “Next Gen” exhibit that includes a virtual reality showcase of XPO’s automation deployments in action.