LivePerson Adds Additional AI Features with Conversable Buy

Nicole Gillo
Senior Editor
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LivePerson has acquired Conversable, bringing additional artificial intelligence, social listening and outbound messaging campaign management capabilities to its conversational commerce platform.

Conversable’s AI and automation development teams will join LivePerson’s global product and technology organization. Other terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

"Conversational commerce is about using AI and natural language — a conversation — to interact with a brand," said Robert LoCascio, chief executive officer and founder of LivePerson. "Consumers do not want to download more apps or navigate websites to order ahead. They want to type, tap or voice order what they want from the messaging services they already enjoy. Conversable brings to LivePerson proven social and marketing capabilities that will enhance our conversational commerce solutions" 

More than 40% of messaging conversations on LivePerson’s LiveEngage platform already include some form of AI bot and automation. LiveEngage enables brands to connect with and create consumer experiences across SMS, popular services such as Facebook Messenger, voice assistants, and a brand's own apps, website and phone systems.

LiveEngage brings together the AI and automations necessary to operate these consumer experiences at scale, along with the back-end integrations to offer capabilities such as payments and order status updates. A workspace for customer care and sales agents is provided to monitor and support the experience where automation does not. Rich analytics help brands understand the true voice of their customer and capitalize on unmet needs. 

"We are excited for Conversable to join LivePerson in taking conversational commerce to the mainstream market," adds Ben Lamm, co-founder and CEO of Conversable. "Conversation is a transformative interface and an unprecedented opportunity. Businesses that get started early will have the most important advantage in the AI era: high-fidelity data to train machine learning models.

The acquisition brings together a suite of complementary tools for building and deploying both structured and unstructured conversations, as well as social listening and outbound campaign management capabilities. Conversable also brings an innovative integration with GM Onstar to facilitate in-car ordering and other brand engagements.